Netflix Unveils New Voltron Trailer

Oh. Hell. Yes.┬áVoltron’s back, baby!

Netflix have released an official trailer for their reboot of the classic ’80s show. The new series will be titled Voltron: Legendary Defender and is slated for release on 10 June.

I remember watching he original show from the 1980s as a kid and had the most awesome 5-piece Voltron toy ever. For fans like me, this news is a shot of nostalgic excitement and only deepens this generation’s love affair with Netflix.

For those of you who aren’t clued in, the cartoon Voltron: Defender of the Universe was first released in 1984 and followed a team of five young astronauts who were chosen to pilot five robot lions that combined to form the ginormous Voltron and, you guessed it, defend the universe.

It was a super successful show and, like Transformers, scratched the itch we all seem to have for seeing giant robots pummel each other.

You can view the awesome, colourful new trailer right here:


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